Sarah Foyster

Sarah's current research explores the psychological boundaries of space to reflect on the anxiety and the uncanny, within our own unconscious.  Her art practice is concerned with the understanding of the psychological effects upon the fragility of the human condition, borne out of different physical and mental traumas.  Her work critically engages with her interest in Heterotopias - those environments of crisis and deviation, as defined by Michel Foucault in 'Des Espaces Autres' in 1967.  Through examining such imaginary and real spaces, her work visually explores the liminal boundary between the self and other, the absurd and the uncanny.

Influenced by the writings of Freud, Foucault and Lacan, Sarah Foyster's paintings intend to question psychological space through the manipulation of the image. Through figuration and abstraction, her work captures the imagination and suspends disbelief. Although the work is seemingly absurd, ambiguous, and oblique, it may be read through many different imagined narratives or may elude complete definition.

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