Jane Weinle

My intention is to explore the vagaries of memory by twisting and turning, stretching and pleating, stitching and gathering in particular ways, thereby hiding and revealing, suggesting gaps in memory, feelings of vulnerability, fleeting glimpses, and an unreliable testimony to the truth about memory. The process of making paintings and structures makes use of various techniques and materials, such as board, fabric, gesso, graphite and oil paint. They are not about fixed moments or coherent accounts of actual things remembered, but rather memories distorted and embedded in folds and pleats, referencing and re-enacting something recalled, partially glimpsed yet deeply felt. Sehnsucht: translated from the German as longing or yearning, a fleeting glimpse, or in a wider sense a type of intensely missing.

Gilles Deleuze refers to “The pleats of matter and the folds of the soul”. These concepts have become important influences on my practice. Deleuze sees the fold as an image of conceptual space; a virtual landscape; a heterotopia. To unfold is to increase, whereas to fold is to diminish, to reduce and to withdraw into the recesses of fallible memory.


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