Five visitors to the Contested Horizons Exhibition inspecting various objects in a glass covered vitrine supported on trestle table legs.

St Nicholas Church Salthouse

Contemporary Art Exhibition

Contested Horizons

The exhibition opened in September 2016 and is now ended


About the Artists

A group of six independent artists, Rhona Fleming, Sarah Foyster, Claire Nelmes, Paul Vousden, Jane and Trevor Weinle have explored their sense of being, under a single discourse ‘Contested Horizons’.

This group is an amalgam of similar-thinking artists who came together through post-graduate studies and as part of their continued artistic development. They come from a diverse range of professional backgrounds from an Architect to an Animator, two PhDs students to an Illustrator and an Art Teacher.

Their statements and examples of their previous work can be found in the main menu at the top of the page.