Claire Nelmes

My research centres on the occupation of space and the meanings inherent and imposed within the spaces that we inhabit. I examine the elements that create a recognised space these could be enclosure, control, rigidity of purpose, and the antithesis of these adjectives that may be limitlessness, instability, and chaos. In particular, I have been exploring the forms of meaning within the heterotopic space of the art gallery.

My work reflects an ongoing interest in cognition, specifically in the moments before language begins its dialogue – when things are in flux, and the mind has to make up its own mind to create meaning from events. A moment exemplified by James Turrell’s notion of “the wordless thought that comes from looking in a fire” (Phaidon 2013). This interest has been informed by theories of meaning ranging from Bergson to Deleuze and Guattari, and the divergent relationship these theories have with conventional Darwinian thought.

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