Contemporary Fine Art exhibition

Sept 2016

St Nicholas Church Salthouse

Contemporary Art Exhibition

Contested Horizons

The exhibition opened in September 2016 and is now ended


About the Artists

A group of six independent artists, Rhona Fleming, Sarah Foyster, Claire Nelmes, Paul Vousden, Jane and Trevor Weinle have explored their sense of being, under a single discourse ‘Contested Horizons’.

This group is an amalgam of similar-thinking artists who came together through post-graduate studies and as part of their continued artistic development. They come from a diverse range of professional backgrounds from an Architect to an Animator, two PhDs students to an Illustrator and an Art Teacher.

Their statements and examples of their previous work can be found in the main menu at the top of the page.


About the exhibition

Contested Horizons was a response to an ever-changing horizon, expressed through a wide range of media from painting and drawings to sculpture, video and writing. Using landscape, seascape and mindscape, the exhibition explored how artists negotiated that sense of being when either displaced or rooted in the environment.

The horizon determines a scope that can be expressed within our chosen mediums and our mindsets. It pre-determines what has yet to be experienced in the unseen, the work in progress and the work completed, and how that might affect us. Our mediums of expression are but limitations, each having their own horizons to conquer.

Every translation of what might be beyond will have something that does not quite translate, is contested and may project something of the uncanny. Art, in that sense, is a representation of humanity; it alludes to the human experience of reflecting the self. Within the concept of our own mythologies is raised the importance of using an appropriate language. This commands a constant questioning for the artist, a balance between the subconscious non-verbal and the verbal processing. By doing so it defines another horizon and that of the artist’s instinct.

Throughout the exhibition, we could see these struggles at work – an initial idea that transcended into feeling and then the unconscious use of artistic experience into visual languages.

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